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  • Durable & Dense boxwood hedge
  • 1 Qty : 4 Panels
  • Each Panel Size : 24" x 16"
  • Total Area Covered : 11 Sq Ft
  • High quality materials used; offers a more genuine and softer touch
  • Reinforced backing with built-in pin & hole locking
  • Super easy to install and cut
  • Perfect green all the year round
  • Anti-fading yarn; UV Protected
  • Thicker sturdy backing with drainage
  • Trimming and watering free
  • No pesticides and fertilizers required
  • Can be used on any surface - drywall, concrete, wooden walls etc.

11 Sq ft. Garden Wall (4 Panels)

  • Give your space an everlasting refreshing natural look with our amazing range of Lush Faux Foliage Wall Mat Panels. Masterfully handcrafted with brilliant finishing, small and detailed green and white leaves impart a dense and naturally opaque look, perfect for where complete cover-up is desired.

    3 D life-like leaves in double tone give you realistic foliage look and feel without asking for constant care and water. Unlike their natural counterparts, this foliage wouldn’t wilt or wither. Create magical backdrops, photo backgrounds, wall coverings, fence accents, build hedges, lush passage way or paths, or even vertical gardens with our life-like faux foliage panels.

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