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Policies and Procedures


For the purpose of this Rental Agreement, “Love Byrds Event Rentals” shall mean Rental Company, its, and Employees; “Customer” shall mean Customer, Customer’s Guest/Visitors, its Agents and/or Employees. In consideration of the hiring of the rental item(s) or equipment described in the agreed upon invoice or estimate for this Rental Agreement, it is agreed as follows below.


Responsibility of rental item(s) or equipment remains with Customer from the time loaded until the time returned. Loading, unloading, and securing the rental item(s) or equipment is the Customer’s sole responsibility. Love Byrds Event Rentals will not be held liable for any accidents or any type of damage done to any vehicle or rental item(s) or equipment due to improper loading/unloading.


Applied at a daily rate if item(s) or equipment are not returned by the return date indicated in Rental Agreement.


Item(s) or equipment are checked prior to release. Customer should inspect all item(s)/equipment before an event. Customer further acknowledges receipt of all rental item(s) or equipment listed on this Rental Agreement and that the rental item(s) or equipment are in good working order. If item(s) or equipment is not found to be in working order, Love Byrds Event Rentals must be notified immediately for an exchange or refund. No refund will be given due to defect or failure if Customer does not give ample notice prior to the event. Do not attempt to repair or disassemble item(s) or equipment. Charges will apply for broken or altered item(s) or equipment. Customer are aware that the rental equipment are not brand new.


All reservations must be secured with a deposit of either cash, or credit card totaling 50% of the total rental. Customer agrees to pay rental charge when due. Plus fill out Credit Card Authorization form for security of the rental items while out. Any cancellations of reservations less than one week prior to the reservation date will forfeit any deposit. *If deposit is not received, your order will remain a quote, not a reservation.


All serving item(s) or equipment must be returned  free from food items and other debris.


Each rental is for time out regardless if the item(s) or equipment were used or not. If item(s) or equipment is not found to be in working order, Love Byrds Event Rentals must be notified immediately for an exchange/refund. Otherwise Client will be charge for damage. Refunds on Debit or Credit card will incur a transaction fee.


Reservation must be cancelled at least 4 week before delivery to avoid the following charges: Cancellation within 4 weeks will incur a 25% - 50% restocking fee. Cancellation after the truck is loaded will incur a 75% restocking fee. Cancellation after the truck has left the warehouse will incur a 100% restocking charge- Forfeit full deposit. Cancellation for special orders that requires purchase products in advance 65% + fee.


Items not returned within 2 days after event are considered missing. Missing or damaged items will be charged to the credit card / security deposit at replacement cost. A detailed invoice of these items will be provided to client.

All collection fees, attorney fees, court costs, or any expense involved in the collections of rental charges will be the client’s responsibility.


Please note that in the event of an emergency or problems with equipment, it is up to the customer to contact Love Byrds Event Rentals at (980) 477-5117   immediately in order to expedite the problem. If Customer fails to contact Love Byrds Event Rentals, the Lessor is not responsible for any Refunds.              

Love Byrds Event Rentals is under no contract with the Client other than what is stated above. We hold the right to refuse, deny and/or hold any order regardless of length of the business relationship. We hold the right to refuse deny and/or hold any order due to lack of payment for original invoices, late fees, replacement fees and/or any other fee outlined above. Love Byrds Event Rentals is not responsible for the fees charged by any other company for your rental needs due to Love Byrds Event Rentals, refusing, denying and/or holding orders.

Customer agrees to assume the risk of and hold Love Byrds Event Rentals harmless for, property damage and personal injuries caused by the equipment and/or arising out of customer negligence. ​


  • Credit / Debit Cards


  • Offline Payments

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