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Additional Information:

  • Brightness: 3 Watt
  • Power : 110V
  • Length : 6" (Approx)
  • Width : 4"
  • Cord Length : 44" (Approx)
  • Note: Sale is for one LED up light only, other decorative accessories not included.
  • Uses : Wedding, Party, Birthday, Outdoor, Events, Stage Decoration

Backdrop Reception LED Spotlight

  • Add a regal shine to whatever you love or want to draw attention to by stylishly setting these spotlights up. Your guests and audience will instantly be intrigued by the imperial sheen oozed by these high quality lights, sensing something extraordinary is lighting up. Designed to highlight the area of attention, these lights will change the lighting dynamics of the entire ambiance. These spotlights lend you ample light just when you need it, from a fascinating stage, or an antique painting to the collection of your favorite knick-knacks or a countertop. The energy-efficient LEDs help in reducing the electricity consumption. Create a perfect celebratory mood at your special event by glamming your ambiance up with these spotlights. 

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